EDITORS NOTE: I started writing this but then something happened during the auction that kind of upset me…so sorry it’s incomplete. I’m sure you will understand when you read it.

Welcome to another of my series of on the day auction chats….done for about as long as I can humanly sit at the computer and stare at the screen. As usual these are some of my off the cuff anecdotes, ideas and general the like about what I see during the day of the 503 items up for sale.

First up….around about 5 different people have routinely started bidding this early on. A strategy that can either win you something or merely make people want to bid against you. Personally I still favor the last minute throw in bid myself. Its interesting as over time with the screen name and location of the bidder revealed I have come to know some of these faceless opponents. There are of course some people who I have no idea who they are…here’s calling you out JKANG of South Korea…who routinely buys thousands of dollars of items and buyer beware if his juggernaut of bidding rolls over you. You will be beaten soundly!

I love that the first 250 items were all from Premieres archive and more than a little saddened they didn’t continue to do this for the day. Throwing in the art and animation etc just gives me a good reason to not watch and unfortunately as history has proven looking at previous sales these items are usually passed without hitting reserve.

Premiereprops still has many items from the last 5 years that need to be put into auction and sold…and this was a great opportunity to go to there back catalogue. Im sad they didn’t.

Up to lot 12…about 3/4 of items passed…nothing above $100 so far. Interestingly enough have to do java update for icollector….does this mean some people can’t bid????

Well I could be wrong but it seems theres no live stream from the event either… event I mean office.

Jkang wins snow whites cloak for $850 can you have a floor bid…when theres no floor? No other internet bid? Oh boy……

I guess the games are continuing…Jkang letting himself get bid up on the Mirror Mirror lot 17 fighting dress

Four lots in a row Jkang has allowed himself to be bid up on and won. Shakes head. Since we have already agreed that the items can be bid up to the “reserve” whatever that may be it all seems rather….silly. Since he is winning everything it looks like the auction was put on for him anyway. People will get bored of that very quickly.

Lot 23 sword belt. Another Jkang win for $200

and lot 24….rubber sword hilt…..$50 to JK

Princes sword goes to a PA native for $1100

Princes costume goes for $1350 to Jkang. Darn…wanted that.

Jkang wins lot 32…the doggy potion bottle. He’s bidding against the floor again….DOH!

Jkang for the pillow win..evil queens cushion goes for $50!

Jkang continues his world domination…winning everything.

Green Queen dress…photo double with hero skirt is pushed up to sell to $7,000 or so…no takers. Hardly surprising.

I write…in bidder info panel “if everything is going to Korea Im going back to bed” sigh….meant only with tongue slightly in cheek.

These party goer costumes like lot 40 are glorious. But at $500 plus shippng and fees why not just buy it direct from the website for less?!?!?!

Lynm from Oakland, ca pays $950 plus extras for something you can buy similar on the PP website for $600…..OY VEY!!!!!! I just don’t understand sometimes….

Now onto the intricate and beautiful cream and white party hats made to look like animals. Just very cool!

The polar bear starts a bidding war. Others go for $50. Dropping the bid on lot 59 from $300 floor down to $250 to LACIRCUS. NOT COOL!!!!!!! Everytime you do that it makes me NOT want to bid at your auctions.

Whats pretty sad here is that its obvious there are only about 15 people bidding so far today…..and about 3 of them are winning most of it…..

Yep….starting to see ebay is the place to bid.

They drop the bid again…watch the video

Lot 79…its an elephant!!! Not a bird hat.

Three musketeers finally!

Prices are literally ALL over the place.

Im so mad about being bid up and the bid pulled on my lot. Why PP….you know Im going to tell everyone how it went down. Oh well….watch the video to see what happened.

I am happy with what I won and the price. Finally my Three Musketeers collection is complete!

Wow….Abduction stuff going kinda high in $500-600 range.. Havent even seen in.

I’ll post a full list of prices tonight….but seriously….bidding me up?

That just about makes me not want to talk about today anymore.

Nuff said.

Here are the results for the day:




  1. So you had the same question too LOL? Everything goes to South Korea, Jkang LOL, who ever this guy is, he is buying everything there is. Some times the price he bid is so out of this world. Oh, well, if he has the money. He is in every Premiere auction, buying almost every single lot. Might as well call Premiere up and just offer them a batch price and buy them all hahahahah

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