The importance of a nice mannequin……”Immortals” Henry Cavill Theseus costume

Here is a nice picture showing how important selling something to the public is by taking the time to display it. Even if its in your own home I can’t tell you how important it is to buy a good mannequin. After months of searching craigslist yesterday I had the good fortune to find these two mannequins in the Chicago area, both from a defunct Nike store…which I didn’t know until I got them. These mannequins are SERIOUSLY nice….and I think you will agree take the item from the cool format to…!

Here is an original picture I posted….

Not bad…..but even the chest here was too big….but look at this below!

I think you will agree that going from that too a full mannequin, especially the correct height, size and positioning was the right way to go.



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