We have a winner….The Propstop logo competion crowns its champion!

Well thank you to the RPF and to Art for hosting the logo contest for me. Today is the first day of the site revamp and I just want to say thank you for everyone who sent in an entry. This is really the first time I have had to judge a competition and I have to say every entry was inventive and cool in its own way, from the hand drawn versions all the way to stuff that looked like it belonged on the front cover of your favorite magazine.

So without further ado here are the results!

The facebook competition winner pulled from our hat is Mr D. Paul of Canada who wins the $$$ from “The Town”.

Third place winner who wins one of the rocks from “The Man of Steel” is Scott Alcorn, who came up with something at the very last minute that just punched me in the face. It has the STOP sign effect that many of you caught onto which I have to admit since Im not a designer I didn’t see at all! Its clean, very red….and very professional.

Second Place winner with the wallpaper from the Kent house in “Man of Steel”
again was a last minute one…..but this guy brought it. Congrats to Steven Holden. This really was imaginative and I really also appreciate the ideas he gave me for tightening up the use of wordpress, which is how I present the site. Steven the idea of the Logo having a prop element in it which can be switched out was VERY clever. I also just loved the logo as it was. Perhaps with a bit more color in it (I am partial to TARDIS blue) it may even have won. Whatever the case….I really liked it and thank you for your submission.

The winner though and the number 1 logo that has been on my desk for a while and burrowed itself into my head is the following. Technically maybe not the best it spoke to me with the inclusion of the STOP sign, the simple colors and the film surround. Winner of the “Game of Thrones” horn then is Mr Dave Dixon. I think when I saw this for the first time I got a really big smile on my face….and for that sir you win.

I’ll publish some more of the other great examples in the next few days. There really wasn’t a SINGLE bad one here. Please send me your addresses winners for your bounty!

Enjoy the new Propstop…..and thank you so much for reading.


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