C2E2 “Captain America” Profiles in History auction review

First up I love auctions. They are a great place to network with others, watch people and learn new strategies.

They are also annoying, slow, boring and frustrating if your not into the items or the underbidder. After winning four lots out of 219 clearly I’m in the first category.

As I have said in posts and interviews this auction was all about the shields and i think blinded people to the other wonderful lots. Also without a shadow of a doubt if your spending money at an event you really must go to the pre-sale viewing. For instance this shield was much nicer in real life….of course its the trash can lid but it showed much nicer in person….as did the taxi door which was very cool in person.

The other nice shield was the one with the USO damaged leather jacket outfit. Probably the nicest version of that one too.

Lots that I initially pooh pooed looked amazing in person…sometimes the fabric just doesn’t photograph well or in the case of the mace from Thor just looked so much better in real life!

Profiles in history rocked C2E2 with a gorgeous display of bikes, props and costumes. As has been reported the safety and logistics prevented the Hydra tank from appearing but it didn’t matter. Various staff members were on hand to help people with questions and show the props off to convention attendees at C2E2.

Another great addition was a representative of Box bros shipping company that really helped customers decide on what items they could potentially have shipped. Fong Sam of Profiles said that the bikes were palatalized for the event so that will save some potential buyers a great deal of money.

Many props looked much more impressive in person. For instance I nearly won a Hydra cycle purely because they looked so nice in person! I’m sure the cost on these vehicles for production were substantially more than the cost to own at the auction!

The auction started at 6 with very few delays or problems. Apparently the webcast sound wasn’t broadcast but the picture was working although it basically only showed the auctioneer. Two of the items had been pulled…we already knew that since it had been announced weeks before the super soldier chamber was pulled.

The room was very full at the beginning. Here is a shot a few items in with only a few rows behind me…which were again full.

The two comics raffles were completed with One of the winners coming in the room about 10 minutes into the sale.  Thanks for taking the time to chat Linda…the winner.

Then the auction began and the auctioneer did a great job of keeping things moving, even though the bids online did slow things down occasionally. All in all it worked really well.

One small group of three at the front of the room were doing very well….two Hydra bikes, a Harley, the tank….the list went on. I called them the “Terminators”….because if they wanted it….they sure got it!

The shields clearly took a lions share of the attention. So many smaller lots seemed to go to my mind for very reasonable prices. A discussion on prices is kind of pointless but I feel the howling commando costumes went really cheap, as did a majority of the weapon type items. Red skull props went high…Hugo Weaving’s costumes seemed very expensive…. as did the Hydra guards with rifles…which seemed to almost all sell to one buyer.

Other items like The motorbikes went cheap..the hydra bikes two of which sold to one bidder in the room.

Some attendees who seemed like new entrants to prop collecting won a few items. One girl dressed as Thor tried to win several of the props from the Ken Branagh directed movie and eventually won the final lot of the day. We all clapped for her!

Another gentleman dressed as USO rescue Captain America reportedly really wanted the monkey drawing notebook and sadly was outbid. I think we felt sorry for him because he was clearly a fan and his costume very, very close to the original one!

So what were some of the bargains I have been asked. Okay…get ready to weep.

First up…this beautiful light up piece of Stark tech for only $750. A steal.

Second, yep I’m still kicking myself. The only way to cheaply get one of these cool rifles and have a complete costume too. Gabe Jones for $1500. If you figure a gun almost identical went for $1900 by itself then argue with me all you like….. it was a deal.

and thirdly I’ll agree with Brian Chanes at Profiles when he said this was very undervalued as I didn’t realize just how much the costume echoed the original comic book outfit.

So yeah….despite missing the belt apparently someone did very well there!

So obviously the big news was the Captain America hero costume going for $233,700 for the suit and shield. This shocked nearly everyone I have spoken to. I personally think it will be very hard to beat in the years to come….but for the moment he joins the rare club of movie props that have sold over $100,000 and certainly the most expensive Super Hero prop to sell ever.

Lastly I want to thank C2E2 for the invite…the show really ran well from my perspective. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Thanks to Fong at Profiles for being so open and kind, all of the workers at the displays who guarded everything and yet were informative and Brian Chanes for telling me how good my eye was! Lastly thanks to Joe M. for making it all happen. I really hope you can all come back and do it again next year….maybe with “The Avengers”. Somehow I expect with $1.1 million in sales….it’s going to happen. I have little doubt of that.




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