What I saw on eBay! Titanic Kate Winslett jump dess

Here is an interesting piece on the bay. Here is more info from them:

Up for sale for the first time ever, the actual dress and earrings Kate Winslet’s character Rose wore in the 1997 film “TITANIC”. This has been commonly referred to as the JUMP DRESS. Selling both items together as a package. This is for the ultimate Titanic/Kate Winslet collector who wants nothing but the best. Shoes,purse and other accessories depicted in the photo are not included.

History: Seller purchased Jump Dress from the J.Peterman Co back in 1998 who had exclusive rights to sell the costumes and props. Dress has been in storage with the exception of a two year period where it was on a paid exhibition at a Titanic museum.Was featured in the USA Today newspaper on March 29,2012.There were only seven copies made according to Fox studios. This is the only one in private hands. The only other screen worn copy is in 20th Century Fox archives.

Dress provenance: Included are a copy of the original Peterman invoice,original page from the Peterman catalog depicting the Dress for sale,original shipping container & packaging, original COA from 20th Century Fox studios,copies of letters of authenticity signed by the Titanic costume manufacturing foreman on J.Peterman letterhead and the costume designer herself Deborah L.Scott,a copy of a personal letter signed by Kate Winslet to this seller describing her experience wearing this dress.

Earrings history and provenance: The earrings that were worn with the Jump Dress are vintage 1940’s era faux jewelry and were rented by Costume Detail West in California to the costume dept of the Titanic under the direction of costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott. Ms.Scott selected these earrings for Kate Winslet’s character Rose DeWitt Bukater. These earrings were purchased in June 2010 during a hollywood memoriblia auction in Las Vegas conducted by Julien’s Auctions. Will included copy of original invoice,auction tag and a copy of the auction catalog depicting the listing along with the COA that came with the earrings, a letter signed by the President of Costume Detail West stating the above.

$250,000 opening bid!


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