A few things I noticed after the “Captain America” auction….Reviewing the movie after the event

You know Hindsight is a an amazing thing.

I stick to my guns about this auction…it was all about the shields….but if those had been front loaded I think things would have turned out very different. The very fact that people were waiting to buy them made some really cheap deals on other pieces.

After reviewing the items I saw in person in Chicago, I’ll tell you the quality was most certainly there on these items…something with a few of the “Ironman” props I had seen two years before that I felt was lacking…especially with the armor pieces.

After watching the movie tonight…one thing is clear.  Until we get these items in our hands there will still be many untold secrets.

For instance watching this moment in the movie I realized….

…these guns are all rubber or resin….the CGI is added later and there is no visible recoil on some of them. There are actually quite a few times when the resin and rubber weapons are used with CGI “shots” over the real weapons. This is much more common place today than 10 years ago due to the cost and much safer…..but the actors do need to remember to recoil their guns!

Number 2….Steve’s Captain America costume with the rips etc is only ever seen in the sequence after the explosion of the factory. Now was the costume used in earlier scenes and teched up. No idea. The shield though was definitely the nicest condition one at the auction from this part of the film. Amazing that the Cap got thru almost the whole Hydra factory fight without a rip! I guess that building explosion was huge!!!!!

Number 3…..According to the DVD extras a lot of work was done on the prosthetic so they were almost always covered with a different red hue due to the director not liking the color, and the cheeks digitally slimmed down and the whole face more skull like on Hugo Weaving.

Dum Dum Dugan….he loves gadgets on his utility belt!

Hydra soldiers universally sell in the $7-8k range….and mostly to the same bidder! An army of Hydra for Donald Trump!!!

If your a loud Jerk in the movie theater your costume WILL sell the cheapest item in the auction. Fact!

Steve’s hero peanuts…..WILL NOT….sell for peanuts! $400 in fact!

That sometimes an Asguardian spear in the catalog…..MIGHT….in fact not be what you think it is. I know….bang yourself on the head with your palm. I missed it too.

Hydra bikes blow up really easily!

So there you go…..some little known facts from after the event.


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