The five best….and the five worst items in the “Captain America” auction

Hmm….so this is of course completely down to popular opinion in the propstop offices…but the truth is since I’m the only one in the office it’s still down to me. So here is my pic (if I had unlimited funds of course) of the top five best and worst pieces.

First up….the best:

5: Okay…it might be worthy of the fifth position but I still think its very overpriced. Still this is a beautiful piece of wardrobe, and I love Hugo Weaving….soooo…..fifth place it gets. I rate it much higher than the masks (because they will disintergrate over time) and better than a full Nazi uniform in your house, since the neighbours may get suspicious!

4: Hmm….next. The opening carrier and cube. Its a beautiful hero prop sadly not seen for a huge amount of time. The fact it opens….cool! The fact there’s a cube inside….cooler!

3: I love and adore these banners….but again they are very big….and maybe a little bit uncool because of that. Having said that I love em too pieces….but don’t have a mansion to do them justice on the wall.

2: I so badly want to put the Hydra Fastrac here…but believe me its big…..and that makes it uncool and a near contender for the worst category too. Especially with gas at $4.00 a gallon. Instead we will put the hero Hydra flamethrower costume. I mean…WHO DOESN’T WANT THAT!!!!!

1: Ok so its not the Captain America costume. Yeah…sue me. Iron man is seriously cool and his costume is just….well its the bomb. That means it doesn’t explode its just making my cool-o-meter shut down…..there….done….cooked! I know you can’t wear it but just having a suit with pieces used in one and part 2. Its my winner hands down!

The Worst:

Hmm….whilst theirs nothing wrong per Se with these pieces I just feel that the final price vs coolness factor outweighs the inherent value…but of course that’s just my opinion.

5: Howard Stark hero sweater. Hmm…a sweater and jeans. Nuff said.

4:  Where as I could be cruel and say useless things like the sub orbital bomber seat I think that’s too easy a pick. So…how about the map of central Europe (lot 172)….mainly because there is the beautiful compass in the catalog picture with the disclaimer that it doesn’t come with it. Eh?!?!?!

3: Again…we could pick the giant hydra cockpit door….or the autopilot control but those are too easy. We will instead go for Steve Rogers parachute. Surely….well….unless you need to jump from a plane a fairly minor and thus fairly useless piece. Not impressed.

2: Stark aircraft seats….no thanks….some rubber truncheons….no…..110 licence plates! Yep…I need that. Not.

1: As much as I would like to say something else…I’ll bite my tongue and go with this. If you can’t afford a 20k shield… this rubber can lid. It’ll make you feel better in the long run and is almost as good. Ok…it isn’t….I lied.

So…there you have it. What will you buy?


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