FIVE really good reasons to come to C2E2 this year from ThePropstop

Ok…I know its been a long week…your tired and you really don’t want to face the thought of thousands of sweaty, wild eyed, dressed up geeks vying for the coveted front row seats at the best panels….BUT….remain open minded and I will explain to you just why its going to be fab!

1: A great guest list.

Look…we have a really awesome list from both the world of comics, and movies & tv. Don’t believe me….well there’s C3PO himself….surely one of the true ambassadors of “Star Wars” Anthony Daniels. If you are a huge “Dr Who” or “Torchwood” fan then Mr Entertainment John Barrowman is on hand, and who knows if we are lucky he might just break out into song!

Sean Astin from the “Lord of the Rings” will be on hand, a couple of great guests from the breakout hit “The Walking” dead and two REALLY impressive stars Val Kilmer and “The Ravens” and “Hot tub time machine” John Cusack.

If your into comics theres a load of guests to be found here….that includes my favourite current artist Mike Norton of “Battlepug”. Don’t know who he is???? Shame on you…go read about it here.

2: Cool events

So what to do….well there is panels and signings (I know..some you have to pay for….life isn’t cheap) and auctions (more on that soon) and dating geeks…and well….cool things like taking photos with the stars, and your fellow dressed up attendees!

3: Making new friends

Make new friends…be talkative and find people that like the same things you do. Compliment costumes, talk geek and be yourself.

4: Double the space….double the fun!

30,000 square feet last year and that has increased to 60,000 square feet!!!! Thats more comics, toys, posters, shirts and more….stuff!!!!!!

5:  “Captain America” the auction!

Need I say more. Over 50 props and wardrobe items, Brian, Fong and Joe M from the auction house “Profiles in History”, pre-auction chat, a great catalog and all the fun of watching people spend lots of money REALLY quickly! Come over and say hi to me and if you have a prop or costume worth talking about lets chat about an interview.

So…good enough? Sure…..see you there!



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