Superman “Man of Steel” props go viral….but isn’t the point of the story lost?

I like the publicity as much as anyone, and Im grateful at least for the linkbacks here, here and here for example to the original stories but someone needs to feed the Superman hype machine and it seems that over the last year I’ve contributed to that pretty well.

As much as I hate being called a “blog”…and I do…..I realise that news stories happen when people see things and don’t always check facts etc. The news pieces are concentrating not on the auction per se but on this newspaper which I have decided not to publish the articles full screen because I respect Warner Bros. and don’t want anyone to get fired. Who knows if there are plot points in the articles….there might be but here are some facts.

One…as far as I know this piece was never meant to see a close-up.

Two…the rocks in the photo are not the rocks from the crash site. How do I know….because I have some of them and they are much bigger and different.

Three…it was already known Lois was in Smallville for “something”. How do we know? Because of these pictures all over the MOS forums last year.

Uploaded by Gregory Zonsius

Hmm…I just noticed…that full service plastic windshield washer thing was in the auction too…(laughs).

So…what does this all mean. Not much. I just think that its far to get easy to get in the hype machine these days.  The original article pretty much sunk without trace on the forums, the props were generally poo poohed and nobody seemed to care. Now…its news all over the web. Go figure…..

Can you imagine what wuld happen if THIS was to go viral?




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