Haxbee update: Fong talks from the heart…and I like it!

As you know I am a big fan of the Fong-meister and today I read a post about apple and the must have mentality of its fans that lead into this part about Profiles…read on.

That gotta-have-it mentality that Apple fanboys have is similar to what I have observed in memorabilia collectors. Occasionally, I see the overwhelming desire to own certain props or costumes override better judgment. Some collectors would pawn their cars or take second (and third) mortgages, so they can pay for something that, in the big scheme of things, they do not need. Some clients live on credit, continually borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. At Profiles, we do not screen bidders for recklessness. Does that make Profiles guilty of enabling or perpetrating this behavioral disease? Perhaps memorabilia auctions are a dark microcosm of our capitalistic nature. After all, auctions let people, a.k.a. the market, decide the price. What they do to be able to afford that price is irrelevant to the auction house. Is this callous?

The fact of the matter is that the number of collectors who are financially irresponsible is small, while the vast majority of collectors are sensible and would collect within their means. It would be unfortunate and unfair for all collectors to be defined by a small minority. I think most fans of Apple would agree with that statement.

Fong…yet again I am struck by your wisdom. I actually think the number of people who go kinda crazy for stuff is more than you think…but of course its not Profiles job to tell people how to spend their money. I would also say that its not irrelevant to stop people bidding who can’t actually pay. The LOST auction and indeed others have had many items re-listed where the customer did not pay. Does this mean items were bid up by buyers who actually had no intention of paying….thats kind of troubling. Bottom line is the very least that should be expected is a credit card that is checked to make sure these bidders will come thru. A bid IS a legal contract after all. Stepping out of that contract seems to me to be bad for everybody.

Its also Profiles job to make sure that what you sell is correct, and accurately depict it….and if you read my comments on you guys time and again thats really been my only complaint. Having said that its the same against PP, and pretty much any auction company so (shrugs) what do you do. All I can do is keep banging the drum.

But yes….I love Haxbee….Nuff said!


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