“Man of Steel” auction report (Part 4)

The final day of our report.

First up was a telescoping light stand marked Lois apt…originally from Crate and barrel. Yes apparently no expense was spared when I found out that two pieces I didn’t buy…namely a Persian rug and a large sofa were marked with price tags of $6950 and $1950. I actually don’t know what these pieces sold for…but the sofa was definitely under $100.

Next up another crate and barrel piece…Lois Lanes apartment chair which despite he removal of tape could still be read on a picture taken a few days before the event on the auctioneers website.

I was still hoping between inner and outdoor auctions since there was now the two “rings” going at once. It was here that I missed the metropolis basketball hoop… All because of the number 1 item of the event for me personally.

Long time readers may remember I trailed the production 2-3 times a week and came up with very little… But I did see a lot. The number 1 piece to me was the weather vane on top of the barn where the “ship” was housed that brought Superman to Earth. Although I never saw the ship or meteor I did see the crash site. Sadly it takes two in an auction to raise a bid… And i had found my nemesis in a 60 year old woman who I heard say under her breath “whatever it takes”. Unfortunately she didn’t realize it was not an antique… Resulting in the bid creeping up and up and up. Did I win…yes.. But she was relentless! I explained to her what it was but again was met with “I wanted it for my house” and she had no idea that it was the Kent house weather vane….or that the prop was not as old as it seemed. The magic of a good movie paint job!

I jumped back to the main area to grab a pair of boots marked Henry and some small pieces including pens and pencils (mostly for home use) and grabbed the final two items. First up Lois Lanes noticeboard which has a couple of Daily Planet stories on it attributed to her that are about a poisoning of the Metropolis area by an unknown contamination. There were notes and a plane ticket etc on the board too. Very cool.

Lastly….although my car was bursting at the seems I had try for the final item…the Ezra post office sign last scene when I left the Plano shoot last September.This is one of the shops that was at the west end of the street in Smallville…so hopefully we get to see that in the new film.

As I as leaving and lamenting the loss of the Basketball hoop Allison spied a truck leaving with the hoop on top of a bunch of stuff. I quickly leapt over to the driver and offered him some money. With that final piece the day was a success…all the identified pieces were obtained!

You know its been a long time since one of these special events for me. I very rarely get to go to auctions anymore….the last great auction before “Lost” was the 1991 “Doctor Who” auction….so….this was really special. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the event and my adventures. As usual its been a pleasure to share my experience.


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