Fong Sam…a mine of information and a brilliant new blog!

So Profiles in History’s one and only Fong Sam has a great new blog. Among some of the treasures is information on the items coming to Chicago for the “Captain America auction”.

When we were deciding what items from the Captain America: The First Avenger Auction to bring to C2E2, the Hydra Frastrac was one of the things that immediately came to mind. It’s big. Huge. Monstrous. Imposing. It would make an impressive first impression. Imagine entering the lobby of McCormick Place and greeted by this giant vehicle from Red Skull’s Hydra fleet. It’s a holy shit moment and it sets the tone for the expo. Fans would be energized and they’d want to see what else awaits.

That was the vision I had shared with Larry Settembrini, Director of Strategic Accounts at ReedPOP, the organizer of C2E2. We both knew the tank would make a terrific opening statement. For the last few weeks, we worked hard to make it happen. We would get excited after every conference call and couldn’t wait for April to arrive.

Insurance was in place. Transportation was in place. But unfortunately, the logistical obstacles involved in maneuvering the 17,000+ lb. tank within McCormick Place and the liability associated  with that were too much to overcome. We explored every option, but ultimately it was not meant to be.

We were disappointed, but no less excited by what else we have in store. We think you’d agree when you visit us at Booth #609 from April 13-15.

Really sad. Glad you guys made the effort though. Here is something else cool!

Here is a sneak peak of the official certificate of authenticity for the Captain America: The First AvengerAuction.

Each item in the auction will be accompanied by a COA that shows the item description and image.

Each certificate will be personally signed by Joe Maddalena, CEO & president of Profiles in History, and by Alexis Auditore, Physical Asset Coordinator for Marvel Studios.


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