“Man of steel” Prop & set decoration auction part 3 review

Part 1 and part 2 can be found here and here….

Day 3. The report continues.

One of the pieces I spotted early on was this marriage embroidery. The initials stood out as Jonathan Kent but I wasn’t sure who he married, and of course it was Martha. This was a must have piece for me so I made sure that I won it.

Next was the display cabinets. Basically there were two full of what had been deemed more valuable antiques. Problem was a number of items were “antiqued” anyway so it wasn’t always clear if you were buying something 1 year old or 100 years old. Robot toys, penguin ceramics and a string of pearls hit the auction block but it was impossible to know when and where they were used so I skipped them.

I did buy a metal boat that looked like a desk ornament, and my girlfriend Allison purchased a beautiful mini resin typewriter that later turned out to be from Lois lanes apartment used as a bookend. Excellent buy!!!!

Next up for me some schoolroom items from Clark aged 9. First up this beautiful hard foam science experiment of the planets of our solar system. I’m sure the planets are in wrong order of course since it was in pieces. It was marked underneath Clark on the blue tape.

Also from the school room were lots of posters made by kids, some small wooden chairs and some turkey bags that looked like children had made them. Again I avoided them as they were simplistic but more importantly my car was only so big and everything had to be taken the day of sale.

The other school item was this gorgeous earth globe that is set in a metal ring. Marked classroom again this seemed like an item worthy of picking up.

All this time since the embroided Frame the second auction ring of furniture had opened up so I was moving between both. It was here that I missed the only item I had Identified earlier in the day…a small basketball hoop marked for a Metropolis Generals team… Problem was I didn’t realize I had. More on that tomorrow….


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