“MAN OF STEEL” Plano, IL Superman movie Set Decoration, wardrobe and Prop sale March 31st 2012 Part 2

During the day I had some low key conversations with the attendees. Most were there for antiques and surprisingly knew very little about the movie shoot.

I did have a moment of horror when I noticed a Spiderman logo on a jacket and thought to myself could the gentleman be a fan or worked on the new film….only to realize that the logo was in fact the One for the Spyder clothing organization…and I breathed a sigh of relief. Any and all competition today would have been bad… Simply put… I didn’t have hardly any money to spend.

The next item up were two of the items that anybody should have guessed were among the items definitely filmed…the street signs from Smallville town center.

These were made from metal and green stickers on top with laser cut lettering. Having been downtown at the time I knew these were used during the Zod/Superman battle so felt comfortable these were the ones I had seen during September last year.

Next up one of the items I didn’t purchase. I had spied three clear bags of gumballs on the table…about 150-250 in each. I couldn’t find the gumball machine though that was rumored. Suddenly it came up for sale! What was interesting was there were two complete glass containers for the machine which was blue and then the metal parts were connected to a clear tube. I realized that the rig was used to blow the balls put of the glass… One of which was made from sugar glass! As I reached over to crunch several lose pieces at the bottom of the box I felt the fake glass shatter harmlessly under my touch….something I’d never tried before. Then as I thought should I buy it the hammer came down for $20… Too late! Later I would discover the gumballs were wood!

Next item….I had identified a small lamp as having a cool Metropolis Mammoths logo with a Clark’s room sticker underneath.

Then a few pieces of the front wall of the Kent farm came up with some tools but I didn’t buy them… Only for them to be dumped by the buyer in the bin….so…. I grabbed them knowing the rarity of them. These were used when the front of the farm has a large truck impact the Kent’s house… Although we don’t yet know why that happens.

The last item for today is from the daily planet and these are signs used in the office to remind the writers of the deadlines times for the day. Made from laser printed and foam core backed.

Tomorrow…the Kent’s marriage embroidery and more!


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