“MAN OF STEEL” Plano, IL Superman movie Set Decoration, wardrobe and Prop sale March 31st 2012

So about a week ago I was checking my local auction listings and found on Craigslist of all places the following information from suburban Chicago based Debolt auction services. The words THIRD ACT PICTURES pretty much made my eyes stand out on stalks. It was clear that linking this to Man of Steel was not in anyone’s best interests but mine.

After a couple of days of checking out the 53 pictures on line of the warehouse and finally talking to Brian I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be easy to identify most of these pieces and in fact one would have to use the facts at my disposal online to “guess” what we had in a few places.

Picture from Debolt website

First up we had the blue tape written info on some pieces where it would say things like “Lois apt” or “school”. Secondly we know that in Plano il and Chicago only certain things were filmed last year.

Second picture from Debolt website

First up downtown Plano doubled for Smallville Ks, the local high school was Clarks school, and it was Rumored a local hospital was used as a Dr’s office and either Plano or Chicago was used for Lois’s apartment.

Secondly Oswego il was used for the Kent farm and crash area and finally Chicago metro was used for Metropolis and the Daily Planet. So using that information certain guesses could be made.

So… No call sheets…no script.. No body who worked on set….a warehouse full of stuff and limited on set photos from the shoot. Let the game begin!

So the day of the auction, 31st March arrives and at 6:30am I set off for the event to arrive at 7:15am. The event is held at an old cement factory that I later find is where all the vehicles for the Plano shoot were kept last year, where the helicopter and harrier jet were cut up for the Zod battle and the meteor ship belonging to Clark was created.

For now it contains 5 giant 30 foot long trailers covered in boxes of stuff. It’s quite a jumble and to my horror all the blue tape was gone.

In each quadrant of the picture is one item I ID'd and purchased. Can you guess what?

I later discovered from Brian, the auction company boss that contractually that is how Third act pictures wanted it. Of course  they don’t know how tenacious us collectors can be and I did manage to find a way around that problem ad items were still roughly grouped together and there were a few bits of tape here and there.

So the auctioneer drove up to each trailer and sold a box of items or if it was cool enough individually. I quickly realized that of the 100-200 people In attendance most if not all had no idea what there was here and were treating them as antiques and not props.

As the items sold I learnt rather than buying something I wanted and having to drag away a box of phones with it I would just ask to bid on the items I wanted. This resulted in not filling my car up with stuff I didn’t need.

The very first item I purchased were 4 waste service floor mats. They were specially made graphics done on a laser printer… One of the ways I could ascertain stuff made for production. It was then pointed out that the Mexico phone number on it had been appropriated for use as Smallvilles KS area code! This was very cool in itself but I also realized they were 100% magnetic! What they were used for is placement on dumpsters for Smallvilles local waste services!

Tomorrow…. More of the items purchased at the sale.


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