“The good old days” Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein prop boat

Perhaps nothing more than the tragedy of destroying props and wardrobe can make a prop collector mourn. Here is a beautiful example of a boat that was made for the 1993 movie starring Robert De Niro.

Largely lambasted by the critics the movie is still a wonderful example of design with some great imagery and performances. Imagine then my surprise some time before the movies release to round the corner at Pinewood studios and find this monster getting ready to be burned at the studio firepit.

The main “ice” under the vehicle was polysterene…there was a football field sized field of this created in the main stage for distance shots of the boat. It was also filmed in the sequence where a storm barrages it and only appears on screen for seconds….VERY sad.

Well I couldnt have that so grabbing a saw from my friends vehicle we started to cut free the beautiful fibreglass rescue boats and as much “obvious” pieces as we could to be saved. Sadly this VERY expensive model was destroyed, and like the movie crashed and burned.



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