Premiereprops Hollywood auction “Mirror Mirror” auction items confusion……items that sold reoffered?

March 10th 2012: I awakened very early for the “Mirror Mirror” costume pieces, all 10 of the items that were to be sold at the Hollywood “costume auction” that contained vast quantities of wardrobe from a hire company.

Unfortunately I was outbid on several of the items, some of which were offered as one off pieces, and have now mysteriously been added to the March 24th-25th 2012 LA based auction that is to take place this Saturday.

Unfortunately more than wasting my time and getting up early for the event what seems to have transpired is that either the items were not paid for or that the auction bidding has been corrupted….specifically since the items are appearing as SOLD on the LIVE auctioneers website here. As a viewer live of the “video feed” and the two auction services I was under the impression that these items were sold to floor and internet bidders. It seems this is not the case if this information is to be viewed at with an open eye…in fact no “internet” bids are registed as the winner…only “competing bidders”….which would be a floor bidder, phone bidder or the other “competing” internet site.

These pictures are from the auction on the 10th below:

March 10th auction

March 10th auction

The upcoming auction items are shown here:

As some of the items listed clearly state “the one and only hero” these disproves there are multiples of these items.

As a long term customer, buyer and bidder this seriously concerns me…and I think needs to be examined very closely by potential bidders.


One thought on “Premiereprops Hollywood auction “Mirror Mirror” auction items confusion……items that sold reoffered?

  1. I’m currently discussing the behavior of Premiere Props with LiveAuctioneers who handled the mar 10 and mar 24 auctions as I too noticed this. They sold a “puppy love” bottle from Mirror Mirror in the 3/10 auction for $400, then relisted it again for the 3/24 auction. Even though the highest bid was $800 for that auction, the item was ‘passed’. It is now available on their website for $2,999. Also worth noting that it isn’t even the same bottle from the movie as can clearly be seen when comparing movies stills with the item shown for the auction. Premiere Props claims it is because the studios often used stand-in items which is what they are sellling despite the claims that they are used ‘on screen” Here is the item description from the March 10 auction. Look on their website and then view the movie trailers for Puppy Love. It is NOT the screen-used bottle and if it the one they are selling is a stand-in as they claim to LiveAuctioneers, then this description is untrue :

    Mirror Mirror Evil Queen’s (Julia Roberts) Screen Us

    Sold For $400

    Mirror Mirror (2012) – This is the one and only, hero vial used on screen by the Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) in the upcoming movie Mirror Mirror. She uses it in the movie to cast a spell on someone quite integral to the film. It is made to look like a real glass vial but is in fact made of plastic and has a picture of a puppy on the front with the words ‘Puppy Love’ engraved around the middle. (approx. 2″ tall). Don’t miss seeing how the Evil Queen uses this vial on screen on March 30th! Note: This item located in Los Angeles. Item can be shipped worldwide. A Certificate of Authenticity from Premiere Props is included.

    And here is the website item:

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