The Captain America auction continues to bring news to us. The latest is that two items have been pulled from the event, namely Steve Rogers experimental serum pod and the small control console for it, both apparently still in the UK. Whilst most people won’t cry its a shame that nothing was added to replace it. Thats 219 items instead of 221.

Secondly a full day after we spread the word Profiles released a press release that went viral to hundreds of websites so now if you were hoping to pick up something cheap….well think again. Those “estimates” are going to be quite some way off.

Take the shield that just sold on ebay that we referenced last week…this just sold for over $20,000, a few cry from the low amount in the catalogue, and a price most serious collectors had estimated well in advance.

In further news about this shield it also appears that it Symantec, the Norton Anti virus group. Its a shame that the original description didn’t have this information.

I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking to Fong Sam over at Profiles, a very hard working and good chap over in LA, who confirmed he would be attending the event and that they are currently working on what lots to bring. Those lots at the auction will be able to be purchased and left the convention with which is good news since half the attendees of the convention will be from the Chicago area.

Profiles is also have a Panel at 6:15pm on Friday night before the auction so make sure you attend and ask some cool questions!




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