What I saw on eBay! “The Phantom” mask and gun lot

Here is a recent ebay item….pretty cool!


Description follows:

I am selling my Complete collection of props from the Movie ‘The Phantom”. Included with the props are the COA’s that i received for them. They have been stored in a dust free cabinet for years and I just don’t have the passion to collect anymore and I know someone else will appreciate them as much as I did. The Phantom starred Billy Zane as the great Pulp Hero “the Ghost who walks” created by Lee Falk and premiered in 1996. These props have been well taken care of and great in any home. shipped for 20$ through USPS with tracking.

The eye mask is thick rubber and the mask is some type of foam latex very soft and has lots of tribal designs all around. the belt is very thick leather with a metal heavy buckle and phantom insignia on the holsters and the guns. the leather boots are a size 9 1/2 to a 10 and are in great condition.

included are:

1 Phantom Cowl
1 Phantom Eye Mask
1 Leather Phantom Gun Belt
2 rubber (non firing) stun pistols with the Phantom insignia
1 Foam head cast of “The Phantom” actor Billy Zane
1 Mask display stand
1 Pair of Leather Phantom hero boots
1 Phantom Skull Ring (this is the free ring given at theaters etc)


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