“Captain America” costume designer spells some light on the auction with a great interview

Here at Propstop towers we are excited about this auction. How could we not be. Heck…I’m ready to give Marvel and Profiles all my money…take it now!

However, and in the wake of the “Lost” auction where 1 costume would be auctioned only to have 13 left on the rack, the question is where are all these other items?

For instance…my favorite costume that I was going to bid on….exhibit A below:

I swear Marvel if you gave this to a company to cut up into squares and put on a card I'm going to go Hulk on you!

Now…I’m a realist. I do realise that you can’t possibly sell everything but according to sources Marvel made over 50 shields for this thing? I also have it that in the case of the paper props, Newspapers, magazines, posters etc hundreds of these were churned out…so the chances of this being the hero screen used one. Very low. Of course we know that from history…why would an archive give up the screen used version. Answer….they wouldn’t.

So with that a very revealing interview below where the costume designer Anna B. Sheppard confirms that over 250 costumes were made for the the film. I quote:

CoF: How about the HYDRA soldiers; were you required to make several uniforms or were their vast numbers computer generated?

We created about 250 actual uniforms in three different versions – infantry, heavy troopers and pilots, depending on the functions in the movie.

Okay…well. We seem to be missing a few of them too.

Cosmic cubes…plenty of them though. Sigh….if…I guess you want a lump of perspex. Cube shaped of course.

As for the Captains uniform again from someone who was on set at the time I have this quote:

“And since I have been asked so many times, there were 7 Captain America costumes made. 1 Hero that Chris wore all the time, two fitted for him, and 4 stunts. One has already been sold to Madame Toussaud’s.” 

So which one is this? The one worn all the time…a stunt….or a fitted?

Here is the waxwork

Here’s the full interview over at clothes on film.


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