“Condorman” toy ends up in “Toy Story” short before the muppets…..fans rejoice!

Last year one of the defining “WTF” moments for me was seeing Woody Wilkins’s head aka Condorman poking out of a Condorcar in the Short before “The Muppets” movie in November. I think i’m still in shock because I haven’t really mentioned my sincere love of this film, or the brilliance of the director for including this!

Director Angus McClane talks about this with Collider here:

Did you ever think this idea could be a full-length feature?

MacLANE: I don’t know. I feel like a lot of the humor in this is cutting away. I think there’s something about a short where the opulence is the joke. There’s so many toys, you’re like, “What?!” You leave them wanting more, but there’s so much crap wedged into it. The quick cuts are the joke to it. John [Lasseter] was really adamant about the pace being quick because that’s what was funny about it. Sometimes we let some stuff breathe, and he was like, “No, you’ve got to move it along,” and I think he was really right. Part of it is that they don’t get their chance to shine. Some of the characters have an arc. Gary Grappling Hook is under-used, and then he finally is used and he’s stoked. I put a Condorman toy in the movie. It’s in there. I’m hoping for a very small sub-set of the Disney animation fans to be stoked that there is actually a Condorman toy. Maybe it will stir up some buzz about a gritty re-boot. I enjoy Condorman. In 1981, what did you have for superhero movies? There was nothing. The idea of a comic artist that then would become a superhero, and he had a car that turned into a boat, it doesn’t matter that it’s glacially paced, it’s amazing to a six-year-old. So, it’s a nod to Condorman.



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