Henry Cavill “Immortals” costume stunt/hero

Hoplite costume lost last week on eBay!

Bottom line….lost an auction last week…emailed if they had another costume over at Premiereprops….sent me great pics within 24hours.

I identified that due to the better quality materials that the costume may be a Cavill, or at worst the Hoplite commander from the film below.

Hoplite commander with regular helmet and chestplate, and with plume helmet and "intestines" breastplate

Pics sent representing "Hoplite commander"

Unfortunately was sent wrong pics so had to renegotiate price again….but….to there credit they were very polite and made arrangements on another piece to complete  so hats off to them.

Received the costume within 48hours of shipping which was free. Opened box…was well packed….everything as pictured.

Pulled out everything….very little marked (I missed a few tags on first looking) until I found the armor…..names were Marc-Andre Brisebois (listed as utility stunts on IMDB) and when I went to his page I thought that they had put the wrong picture up….looked really like Cavill. Realised that was more than likely why although not listed as such he was probably Cavills stunt double.

Marc, Henry Cavils stunt double

Found the piece of sticky that stops the “tacks” going thru the stuntmans chest and saw a T——-S and underneath “Henry” with a #1. Pretty much chuckled myself to death that Henry was not an likely extras name…….

Video is on youtube….watch if you like. Again the black and white picture is the stuntman above…not Cavill….this is Henry below.

Here is a Thesius Immortals costume on display in LA when the movie was released and put in place by Premiereprops. This really helped in spotting what pieces might be the “Thesius” whose armor is slightly more complex and configured differently to the standard warriors (pretty different), or the commanders (fairly similar).

Later on I found another piece of the costume is marked Oliver….who was definately a Cavill stuntman. Another piece marked Alain…another Cavill stuntman….the red tunic is marked Oliver…although the name is faded.

This is the thing that originally turned me on to this being what it was as beside the flower/intestines motif the material is better quality and one of a very few with pleats in the “skirting”. The helmet is also marked Thesius #1 but Im not sure he ever wore a helmet. I heard that most of the helmets were a thin vacu form but this helmet is thick fibreglass…definately a hero.

Tomorrow pictures of the costume on display….plus I’ve written to Marc, the other wearer of this armor to get some more details on it. Hope he replies and I’ll share the email!


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