“The Three Musketeers” Athos costume purchased from “Premiereprops”

Shout out to Crystal over at Premiereprops. Monday I signaled my interest in this costume…by Monday night we had a deal. Few little hiccups BUT I have to thank her for her sterling efforts.

You know having sold a few things myself in the past I know its tough to meet customer expectations at times but with the free shipping offered by Premiere recently which is very fast, 2-3 days usually, and the much faster replies with customer service and the promise of two auctions in the next few months I really hope that things are back on track for them.

I’m very excited about “Mirror Mirror” for the costumes alone, and I have it on authority that they do have the costumes for “Underworld 4”, they just can’t sell them yet.

So thanks guys. I know we buyers have been, somewhat justifiably narked in the past about some of the shipping delays, a few wrongly attributed items and some ultra long auctions but you are part of the dealer landscape today and every time you do something positive like you did with me it goes a long way towards making things good.

I appreciate it.

Full review of the costume when it arrives next week!

Also check out on live auctioneers some of the costumes in the next PP live sale!




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