New competion coming soon for “Design the Propstop logo” contest

Really excited about this. As you know we haven’t had a proper logo now for…well ever….so I decided with the Rpf, and any members of the MPF, or anyone reading this site to have a competition.

The winner will win a cool prize….and so will the second and third runner up!

The rules:

1. All entries must be in by 11.59pm GMT on March 31st 2012
2. All images used in the design must be copyright free
3. Entries must be submitted in JPEG format.
4. Be imaginative….this will be going on business cards, letterheads and all COA’s I use from now on plus the website. We own the copyright of the artwork/file sent to us to be used for promotional purposes and anything we see fit etc.

This is a chance for someone young, or old who really wants to have there work used for a good cause and say…thats my artwork for eternity…or as long as wordpress keeps us up!

Send your entries too:

Also as a special extra if you LIKE us on facebook until the 3st March there is an additional prize pick from the hat for whoever signs up. So….get signing and tell your friends!


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