“Doctor Who” prop discovered in UK TV pilot with Bette Davis “Madame Sin”

Whilst doing some routine viewing of Youtube I came across this amazing footage showing one of the guns from “Frontier in Space” and then by Jon Pertwee in “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”

Basically the plot is that “Bette Davis plays “Dr Evil” except in this world…she wins every episode. Amazing hey! What a fantastic idea for a tv show. Absolutely ripe to be remade but sadly this only made it to the pilot episode. Look at the cast too…

I just think thats pretty fantastic. At 54 seconds in the below trailer you will see the gun. It actually has a metal barrell and the area on the stock for who was covered with a plate screwed in so you can’t see the ribbing of the wood.

and this is “Lovejoys” very own Dudley “Tinker” Sutton as one of the bad guys!

I hope you get as much a kick out of this as I did.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs


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