The Secrets out! There was an auction today in New York and boy was it good…..

So…you might remember about 36 hours I posted about a secret I had. Well of course since I put some hard graft into verrifying that everything here was real and as described I wasn’t about to interweb it…especially since many of the items were barely past $100 as of last night.

So after intensive work I found that many of these items came thru a Planet Hollywood Sothebys auction in 2002 and some originating from Butterfield and Butterfield before that.

Planet of the apes HestonSadly I was outbid on the bear and the Connery  (that was a slug off if ever with me vs a room bidder) but in my full report tonight you will see I had reservations about some of the items. It was just alot of work to verify 25 items in 24 hours but here for your pleasure is my work notes from the event and some pics. More in the next 24 hours when I can write it up.

Bette Davis VIRGIN QUEEN costume


Connery Last Crusade


See you all later for the full report.



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