Collider interview with Rick McCallum on props “The only way I can stop people from stealing is also not to steal myself”

In THIS excellent interview with the Producer of various Lucas movies the last 20 years Rick owns up to the truth….He doesn’t have anything!!!!

You’ve obviously worked on a lot of movies, what props do you actually have in your home?

McCallum: None. The only way I can stop people from stealing is also not to steal myself, and it’s one of the most difficult things. I have certain kind of things that are built, like set pieces, but I have nothing from Star Wars, I really wanted to be pure about that. I have a lot of merchandise from Star Wars, but I have not kept anything prop-wise. Once you open that little bag, it’s a really hard one because there’s so many people who yearn for just a small little piece. It’s like moon rock. I have a piece of a P-51 which is really meaningful to me, and I’ve got a piece of a B-17 that my father didn’t fly—he was a B-17 pilot—that I was able to get in England when we were shooting. But those are the only real things that have serious meaning to me. I mean all my Star Wars merchandise, the best pieces, I love, but nothing from the films.



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