What I saw on eBay! “The Three Musketeers” 2011 Cardinals guard costume

Premiereprops brand new policy of FREE shipping has meant a windfall on ebay…for one the larger stuff is good value to buy since shipping is included, but also it also means to meet ebays new scoring system an item must be shipped quickly….and thats a winner for all of us.

This costume is the first one sold on ebay….one on Premiereprops online auction last year sold for nearly $1400 so this was an excellent buy. Of course…there are quite a few of this costume but they are very intricate. Below is the original costume design included some stills of the piece on and off the set.

The costume comes with various components, and apart from the leather gloves appears complete.

I’ll have more information on this when I receive it in the next few days.


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