“Man of Steel” Part 7 Hello sir….may I buy this prop?

You know its pretty rare in our business that you can actually buy a prop within a few weeks of production….and even more rare from high profile superhero movies. The stuff tends to go for alot too. Batman suits $60,000……Superman suits $10,000….even the lowly X-Men go for $30,000. But what for the normal man who just wants a momento….well luckily on this shoot there was a way!

Now before you get too excited its not the best stuff….but there is a certain coolness factor around this.

You see I visited this charity shop after hearing local gossip about the crews production people buying items for shop window and set dressing for Plano and it seems that this was indeed the case…and then two months later they donated it to be sold! Good for them!

So I know your all asking …. what did they have. Well first up the best item….this fully functional remote controlled…….street light! Hmmm…I think it might be hard to please people sometimes but its pretty cool. Where else do you buy a street light?!?!?!

Smallville street light

Next up you will see a bunch of tools…and the advertising sign in front. Of course they weren’t allowed to say which production it came from officially but thats where some friendly conversation came in.

The last photo is of the metal bins that were also used in Plano…full of tools from Plano.

There were also some whicker chairs up high that I didn’t take pictures off. No idea if they were shopfront items used in windows, they changed the shops downtown to better reflect Smallville, or from the Kent farm.

See you tomorrow for the costume store report.



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