“Man of Steel” Part 6 Downtown Plano evacuates (episode 2)

Wow….4,000 page views in 15 hours and top of the word press busiest blogs for the day. Thank you to the Superman Facebook page found here  for some much needed promotion.

Unfortunately with that came a few rumors I’m laying to rest right here. No the production didn’t have time to dig holes in the ground to “confuse” local fans or paparazzi…and no the rocks are not “black Kryptonite”…..laughs…..where do these ideas come from? I believe they are meant to represent the scorched earth after the ship crashes….nothing more…..nothing less.

So todays article has more about plano’s dismantling. It seems that alot of pictures went up over the web with stuff being put up….but not alot of it being pulled down.

Smallville Bank...at the end of the street west of the bar with the giant flag.

This giant sign was just placed over the existing sign. It was pulled down and put on the back of the truck in the following picture.

Truck with bank sign parked outside the Smallville government building.

This building across the street from the bank was next to the Man of Steel production office and had some cool lettering on the door.

This building directly across the street from the train station/government building was a major hub of activity for production. Alot of items were stored here before being trucked out of town I suspect as it was empty on the final clearout day.

One days scouting saw many "Smallville" newspaper dispensers outside......

Here are some items rescued from the trash. No idea what buildings they came from but its all production material “pieces” of building.

Finally a large qty of paperwork bits that came from the trash again. No personal information….I destroyed that. Just silly things like cute notes written to team members, photos of location, art, some funny laser printed photo collages put together by the art department I’m guessing and lastly…in tomorrows article…how I travelled past the “Man of Steel” wardrobe department EVERY day…..and until after production had no idea and as a bonus how the generosity of the production team helped a local charity organization.

See you tomorrow for Part 7.


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