“Man of Steel” Part 6 Downtown Plano evacuates (Episode 1)

So what exactly does a production look like when it leaves town….well….at least after the filming ends you can get into town. Many residents hadn’t been able to do that for two weeks and thus the lucky few who worked in stores and offices got to see Superman duke it out with “something”….a man in a suit with a stick on his head typically!

The picture above was perhaps one of the most famous shots to get out and shows the villainess Antje Traue about to put the hurt down on Superman, although its probably not Cavill in this shot, rather his stuntman. The mo-capped person is either Zod or a creature. Right now no idea but with eyeline stick its about 8-9 feet tall.

Here is video or the daily filming and the yellow shirt security. Truth is this was rare. Alot of the time you couldn’t even get within a block of this street what with yellowshirts, local police and state police. In the video you can even see the 8-10 director style  chairs in front of the Seven eleven. Although it doesn’t look it in the video MAJOR changes happened to the environment. In fact the whole North side of the street was fake apart from the train station….

At times downtown became a warzone….here is a chopper drop of a platoon of troops…this view looks down the street and the Seven-eleven is on the left.

Since I wasn’t interested in bothering the production until filming had ended I basically kept away from the daily ins and outs of filming…but at the end I made a concerted effort to find some stuff.

I shouldn’t have bothered for the most part.

The yellow shirts kept up their great work and basically made it impossible to to get to anything. I know…I know….just doing there job. They did it VERY well.

Looking inside the Main Office of Superman productions next to the bar with the giant USA flag on the side. The room is being cleared out due to the production leaving town. The wall was full of maps and set lists for production.

Walking down the street I saw half a jeep, a cockpit of an A-10 aircraft, numerous dumpsters full of destructed concrete and metal.

A  quick recon found the production office at the far end of the street with a very interesting paint job on the building disguising it as part of the street scene. In the dumpster outside I found a few production trinkets listed below. This included model/toys for A-10 wing, another aircraft wing embedded in a mini van, A-10 cockpit and the train.

To be continued……

The a-10 model plane...wing and tail were used on a street map to figure better camera angles etc....same with the two boxes which were model trains purchased for the tabletop map. The trains sadly were missing but pictures below show there full size counterparts


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