“Man of Steel” Part 5 The destruction of the Kent house

This is really sad. After being told over and over that this would stay up until further notice I passed the house only to notice it being raised to the ground in early September.

Here is an early shot of it being built over the summer.

Unlike many sets this was built with a full interior inside and the exterior was fully finished. Interestingly the barns behind it and the “water” tower were already on the land and required only a swift repaint. In the case of the water tower the repaint even ended up spraying onto the grass!

The building took some two weeks to pull down and in the end I was lucky enough to save several pieces from destruction…left behind after the building was burnt.

It was such a shame…this would have been a tourist attraction for the rest of its life.

As far as I know this is the ONLY picture taken within 10 feet of the house, AND the only picture of the house being pulled down. Pretty cool.

The final picture is across the road from the set, where large constructions containers sat. These held the items to pull the set down, as well as tools and housed equipment overnight. The red circle is the location of the farm set just to the southeast.


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