“Man of Steel” Part 4 “Whats in the box!!!!”

So after yesterdays finding the site…how to follow it up?

How about what I found in the crater!

Well after cribbing the above line from “Seven” you all deserve to know!

First up a little video of the exterior area of the crash.

No the actual crash site was covered with old corn stalks which I had to move aside, and then replaced once finished. No actual corn was harmed during this exercise!

I really do believe that I was the only member of the public to see this between filming and destruction. Almost universally the set was secured and it seemed I just hit the teabreak one afternoon at 3:30 Pm when I happened upon it.

These are the small rocks that scattered the exterior of the crater….only certain areas near the road had these….the bigger rocks of course were more towards the center. Here is a close up of some of these smaller rocks….with an almost crystalline structure inside.

Smaller rocks as above on top....bigger rock piece as per the main larger pieces below

Here is a more indepth video

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