“Man of Steel” filming report 3 “Crash site” SPOILERS

Well after part 2 of our report I feel this is a little more of interest to people…certainly the pictures speak for themselves.

The security on this film is ridiculous….and its been more by luck than anything that most of the visits I have had have bombed….and only a few have shown fruit.

I managed to find from an online forum the location of the Kent farm, and from that the cemetery where the Pa Kent is buried. I then in late August I had a positive result that the crash site for Supermans Kryptonian ship was about 2-3 miles south of that…and basically made a search pattern and combed a 6 square mile area….and whilst driving up a back country road happened upon a small hole in the corn and there it was.

Back country road in "Kansas"...I meant "Oswego, IL"

I was actually amazed at how much bigger it was than the original picture on IGN.

Top picture is how I found the crater....bottom the original IGN photographer pic

Now to my knowledge the gentleman who took the IGN picture of the crater in all its glory either worked on set, and was damn lucky passerby….so my pictures are incredibly rare….what they show is that the crater was hidden by corn stalks cut down that covered the rocks below layed out to simulate the crash of the meteor…the sides of the pit painted to resemble heat and dust. Sadly the ship had been moved for obvious reasons.

I went back a few days later…the nearby bobcat was missing (tracks evident in picture) and the entire area plowed over. Nothing there….like a number of the sets on this movie to ever prove that anything ever happened.

The empty field the next day

Yes those are discarded cans the crew left behind. Yes I did take them to the trash bin….

So there you have it…a window in time….a moment….and I was lucky enough to stand with the giant that is “Superman”…..

Boy..I hope this movie Rocks. From what I have seen…more than most I fancy…it will.

Oh…here is a souvenir…..the piece of corn that will be directly to the left of the frame in any wide shot of the Kent’s seeing the crater for the first time….dried….and preserved for history.

I know..I know…its a piece of corn. Nuff said.

In Part 4….what was in the crater!


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