“MAN OF STEEL” filming location report Part 2 “Cemetary”

So further to our August report what else happened last Summer on the set of “Man of Steel” here in sunny Illinois. Well In the first of our exclusive reports we have some info on the Cemetery which is actually only about 1/2 mile from the old Kent farm (now raised to the ground) and in real life is …. would you believe it a real Cemetery.

I actually found it with the help of a friendly member of the production team and scoped it out on the night of filming….which only lasted 24 hours so I don’t think its a big scene. When I visited the very next day I found very little if any evidence that the production had been there. This is a testament to the clean up work the crew did as very little of anything ever remained at the end of each shoot.

In the end I found the site only by using the IGN picture that appeared the day of the shoot…with the Kent family stone. Yes the CARTWRIGHT stone is placed over the actual real tombstone.

It was here that I found these golfball sized plastic markers for the area where the tombstone was placed. That was it…..nothing else sadly.

The next day.....headstones removed

The piece of paper in the shot was blown off a car that was in downtown Plano later that month…warning the film makers about where they could park.

The Piece of box was taken from a bin where it had been thrown…the only interesting thing there is it did show the address for Third act pictures locally….one that I didn’t get to follow up on as they had already left by then.

Part 3 tomorrow…..Crash site revealed!


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