What I saw on eBay! “THE BIG YEAR” Owen Wilson pants and signed poster

Another fantastic item from the SAG charity event.

The winner will receive the stylish green pants that Owen Wilson wore in the movie “The Big Year.” The winner will also receive an autographed poster signed by comedic geniuses Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin. A certificate of authenticity will be included.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen the film yet but apparently the pants become a joke in the film and used as a prop.

It also included this poster signed by the three main cast!

I guess the pants are used in a scene here like in the book making them a semi prop too:

Sandy Komito was known for wearing a lot of flashy clothing, just like the Owen Wilson character. He had a pair of purple polyester pants that he called Mr. Pants, and during the ’98 Big Year, at the end of the Attu trip, somebody took the pants, removed the windsock at the airport, and put his pants up there. His pants were flying up there at the airport on Attu for three years before they finally shredded and came down. Unlike in the movie, Komito’s wife totally supported him. But it made for a good story. It some ways, it made the story better.


Story of the pants above!!!


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