What I saw on ebay: Recent items in October 2011 :The Rum Diary Depp Hat.

Some nice stuff.

This Rum Diary hat worn by Mr Depp was offered for $5,000

“PAUL KEMP’S” 1950s STRAW HAT:    This is an extraordinary opportunity to own an original JOHNNY DEPP HERO costume/prop piece used in the filming of “THE RUM DIARY”.  This original 1950s vintage straw fedora hat was worn by the star of the film, JOHNNY DEPP as “PAUL KEMP”.   This is the actual vintage hat that Johnny is seen wearing in several scenes in The Rum Diary including trailers and publicity stills.  (The film is to be released wide on October 28th.)  It is an especially important piece as it is worn prominently on the film poster!   This is truly an iconic costume/prop piece for Johnny since he is renowned for his predilection for vintage hats.

Description:  Authentic 1950s vintage light rust straw hat with gold, black and brown stripe pleated hatband, telescoped crown and leather sweatband. Label:  “Disney – Gano-Downs” (Note: No relation to Walt Disney Productions, Inc.).  Size: 7 ¼.  The hat box marked “KEMP HAT, Change 2, Change 3, KEMP Tan Tourist Straw, RP42-257MH 7 ¼” is contemporary and was provided by the production.   This vintage hat is a classic of the era.  The Oscar winning costume designer, Colleen Atwood, hand picked this hat for Johnny’s “Paul Kemp”.  It was selected for it’s period authenticity since it is an original period hat that dates from the 1950s.

Condition:  Used during production so it shows some wear and has some professional repairs in the inside of the crown and underside of brim, which do not show on the outside.  Otherwise excellent condition.

It didnt sell sadly…the film didnt do so well but its a very nice piece


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