Howard the Duck, stunt puppet head sells on ebay!

Here is a beautiful piece that sold for about $1500 on eBay. This is a stunt Howard the duck head, looking to be totally original. I don’t think that the movie is very good..however it is a Lucasfilm item…so not to be sneazed at.

I think this is the first item I have seen from this movie, so thats kind of cool and its a character. Looks like it might need a little Tom Spina loving though.

Text from auction:

Original adult-size head-piece from the film “Howard the Duck” (1970s).

Inside the mask , the word “Stunt” is written in black marker, so it must have been worn by a stunt double..?

I got this in trade years ago from one of the guys from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…they collected toys and this type of stuff.  I don’t think there was any paperwork or LOA that came with it…with their connections, they may of well gotten it straight from its source.

There is a tear under the chin (see photo), which is actually easily repairable and which is next to a throat-area slit,  but otherwise sound. The mask seems to be made out of a foamy-like rubber…or at least the duck-bill part of it, which is re-enforced with hidden strong wire.  One the back of the mask, where the Velcro-slit is, there are some glue spots showing, where originally there were scattered feathers (to hide the slit). 

Still sound and wearable…one could wear for Halloween this year-!   FN++ or better.


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