Very easy to make the title of this something to attack Kevin Costners sometimes wooden style of acting…but this puppet ISN’T made of wood.

The special fx department used this on camera in the shot when Kevin breaks thru the bridge and drops into the water and then it was redressed for another shot where originally test footage was shot of the “cage” that sends The Postman on a wild ride from the top of the dam to the valley far below at high speed. Eventually because the dummy did not move or could not be shot up close the manner of shooting this was redeveloped to wide angles, green screen and helicopte footage, much of this information being the only supplement on the DVD.

In the meantime this beautiful 4 foot tall puppet Costner was built and costumed by John Bloomfield and it really is incredible. The costume is an almost exact replica of the main costume worn by Kevin and features the red scarf, Postman outfit and the thick wollen jacket.

A very exciting piece…anytime when you own a “character” especially one as detailed as this its very exciting.




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