Today is Thursday, 4th August and in downtown Pittsburgh they shot more of the fight between mercenaries and Gotham Police. Then at around 6pm they shot the stunt women on the Batpod rehearsing for tomorrow. This picture courtesy of a member on the Batman forums. Chris Corbould is in the green shirt overseeing the vehicle.

Our reporter was on set today and took footage of a mishap with the front tire of the batmobile being changed out, and misc vehicles on set. The entire area is on full security lockdown, so unless you have a very high power lens, as per the paparazzi shots, taking pictures as easily as at the beginning of shooting is now much harder. Telephoto lenses rule in Gotham.

The football scenes will be filmed on Saturday, and there is a giant hole in the middle of the stadium field, rumoured to be for a “mole” type of device from “Thunderbirds”. Pyrotechnics are to be expected!

Thanks for the report D!


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