“WHIP IT!” Drew Barrymore used helmet

The last few weeks a number of helmets, mostly stunt double have come available from the production including a beautiful one worn by Iron Maven, Juliette Lewis’s double.

Sadly this one had a black understrap which is NEVER seen in the film so I didn’t bid on it…important considering these helmets arent that expensive to buy off the rack.

A few of the helmets went fairly high but it was obvious that most people hadn’t even bothered looking at these auctions, the Maggie Mayhem helmet going for only $110.00 and the Zoe Bell helmet for only $60.00….amazing prices!

The week before Ellen Page’s helmet went for $260…again a stunt, and Drew Barrymore’s stunt helmet sold for $114.00.

The key item I was after though was listed as follows…taken directly from the ebay posting. The item was listed as Punchy’s helmet….well of course there is nobody called Punchy in the movie….the main listing though told a different story:

Be Your Own Hero


Smashley (Drew Barrymore) Helmet

As seen in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, Whip It, this is Punchy’s screen worn, green plastic ‘Pro Tec’ helmet with 2 on the back and yellow chin strap. (size S)

They had of course listed Drew’s Hero helmet wrongly. With the clock counting down I managed to bid correctly for under $200 which pleased me very much.

There’s also a great screencap from the movie where you can clearly see DB inscribed on the lining of the helmet that matches!


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