THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!!!! Awesome addition to the collection….

This is a great new addition to the collection.

Sadly the movie bombed at the box office….BUT….if this trailer had been more representative of the movie…would it have done better. Me thinks yes!

I realised after watching the second “original” movie trailer made by Universal to promote the film that almost none of it has the kids showing. The marketing team new they were in trouble…didnt they!

Here is a picture of sadly deceased costume designer Marit Allen, who had worked on a number of high profile films includin The Hulk, Brokeback mountain and Little shop of horrors.

In this picture Marit shows off one of the partially completed T-Bird uniforms…and its very interesting to note that this one is not finished, but probably for the character Scott Tracy of Thunderbird 1.

This is the costume I purchased for the character Scott from the second half of the film.

Alot of the times I collect items from films that are not as good as they should or could have been. I purchased this because of the perceived quality of the outfit and really I was blown away by the fit, finish and look in person. Sadly whilst not as iconic as the original it really is a beautiful example of costuming…and probably looked a lot cooler on set than in the film.

The button closures on the neck and wrist are magnetic, the trousers zip at the bottom and the main zipper is hidden on the front of the outfit. Originally manfactured by ACADEMY costumes of England this really was well made.


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