News: Gerry Anderson puppets found whilst digging for new housing estate!

From the Fanderson website….

Fanderson has learnt that props believed to have belonged to the Century 21 Studios have been dug up during the development of a new housing estate in Cippenham, Slough. A digger stopped on the discovery of a pile of bodies which on closer inspection turned out to be a pile of rotting puppets.

Whilst some non-puppet items have been discovered, these have been very difficult to identify after 40 years in the ground. However, one is clearly the control tower from the large Captain Scarlet Cloudbase model.

Fanderson will provide further details of this incredibly exciting find as soon as more information is available. Given the expected value of the original items the ownership rights are set for some debate, as these are not thought to be covered by laws relating to treasure trove.


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