Michael Jackson THRILLER jacket goes high!

Michael Jackson’s jacket, the one he wore in his “Thriller” video, sold at auction for $1.8 million. Is anyone surprised? The black and red leather jacket is said to be “one of the most recognizable garments in music” and was estimated to have a worth of between $200,000 and $400,000. Jackson was one of the world’s most iconic music celebrities – for his Marc Laurent Paris leather “Thriller” jacket to sell for nearly $2 million was to be expected.

The auction, held at the Julien’s Auctions Gallery in Beverly Hills on Saturday and Sunday, featured many of Michael Jackson’s other items as well. One of his wigs was up for grabs as well as “the actual glove he wore to the American Music Awards in 1984.” Michael Jackson’s jacket, his glove, and his wig were “among hundreds of items described as the most historic collection of music memorabilia… offered to the public.”

While it is not surprising that there are people who want to own clothing and other items owned by celebrities, it is still incredible to note the amount of money people are willing to fork over to get their hands on them. It is great, though, when the auction houses take a portion of the proceeds to donate. In the case of Michael Jackson’s jacket, some of those proceeds “will benefit The Shambala Preserve.” The preserve has been the home of Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, since 2006.

According to Darren Julien, president and CEO of Julien’s Auctions, Michael Jackson’s jacket was purchased for $1.8 million by Milton Verret. Verret, a commodities trader who hails from Austin, Texas, said “the jacket will be sent on tour and used as a fundraising tool for children’s charities.”

With charity in mind, auctions for items of celebrities make sense. It’s good to know the people who can afford to buy these luxury items are able to use them to do the world some good.


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