Jay and Silent Bob hat from “Strikes back” from Propworx event

Well this is interesting. Originally came from the Kevin Smith event and was bundled with the lot including Jason Biggs costume, so I assumed it may have been that hat…but it isnt.

The tag with it, lists a load of Kevin Smith pieces, from what looks like additional wardrobe.

Ill put a pic of the tag up asap.

The peak of the cap is floppy and clearly replaced. This indicates that it was done for a specific purpose. Sadly im not sure what it was….could be stunt….someone intimated it was seen with the monkey so when it was in the backpack and Kevin turned his head it didnt injur the animal.

I like this theory but don’t have concrete evidence even though the blu ray kinda supports this.

Another item…another mystery. More facts…hopefully….if I ever get them.


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