PROPWORX Kevin Smith auction roundup: Part 2

After Sundays part 1 I needed a few days to digest….here is the wrap up.

Azraels hat in a beautiful lucite case went for $550….the case alone being worth a few hundred. I thought this item that had been display at the Secret Stash was awesome!

The Golgothan monster prototype went for $1300…alot of money for something that wasn’t seen on screen. In fact…the original is also at Kevin Smiths store.

Jay’s raincoat sold from “Jay and Silent Bob Strikes back” sold for $350…as did the duplicate item with hat instead of boots. The complete Chronic costume worn by Jay went for $1400!

and the Bluntman worn by Kevin for $2750…mainly egged on by myself. Congrats to the winner! Kevin did say on the podcast that it was a one of a kind coat with that costume…which was VERY cool!

Ali Larters catsuit went for an amazing $1600….this is alot when the other characters went for between $200-5000 but it was the only one with the knee high boots. Shoes do make a premium item….but not sure if it was this or the actress that caused such a high amount to be bid.

The Will Ferrell gear went very cheap…between $200-400 a lot…some nice pieces including a gorgeous leather jacket.

The Mooby mascot costume went for $200….but sadly as Kevin said the head had been stolen off the set after filming.

Again…proving that prop collectors pay more for props…than costumes this poster sold for $350….even thought the Jason Biggs costume on it went complete for $400….very strange.

The Askewniverse bible hit a healthy $900, although the slide began with the CLERKS 2 items as prices begun to bottom out….and unforunately never recovered apart from 1 or 2 pieces. Even the NAILS cigarettes only went for $400…even with the lighter….I was surprised at that. Unfortunately there are many replicas of Kevin Smith items out there, and may have had an effect on prices too.

Zacks delivery costume from “Zak and Miri” went for a paltry $200….I thought that was one of the best items in the sale myself.

Finally Staceys Darth Vader inspired STAR WHORES costume sold for $2,000….which was about the highlight of those 70 lots.

By this time Kevin and Jason looked very tired after a VERY busy weekend. We wish them well..they did a great job. In fact everbody did…the catalogue as nicely done, the auctioneering fairly brisk, and no major technical problems.

Well done Propworx. Lets have more auctions like this!


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