PROPWORX and Kevin Smith fans WIN BIG at Live event today!

Well done Propworx…and well done Kevin Smith. Im pretty sure that not everybody was smiling with some of the prices but to his fans and the prophunters today was a great day…almost anybody could have bought a piece of Askewniverse history…from $50 to $2750 there were items for all.

This was the first event that Propworx has done that I was really invested in…mainly because Im not a big “Stargate” or “Battlestar” fan..there…I said it. I was mildly impressed with items sold by them but nothing made me want to spend my hard earned cash.

I had actually thought there would be more interest…but it seems that the usual prophunters weren’t really around…there was a definate lethergy on the forums which I found strange…comedy is comedy…and there is very little more iconic to those who grew up in the 1990’s with Kevin Smith during the years of “Chasing Amy”, “Mallrats” and “Dogma”……so when the first items a beautiful set of costumes worn in “Dogma” by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck that went for around $700 for the pair…..I was surprised to say the least.

Next up…a beautiful Metatron costume which sold for $400. Cheap as chips…

An original Hero Kevin Smith overcoat sold for $800….a full review of this piece when I get it in hand! The a stunt version went for a paltry $400! Why is this significant? Because a company in Canada is making the replicas of this and doing brisk business at $450 a shot…and these screen used originals, none of which have ever come to auction before were selling for peanuts….it was just very surprising to me.

Strangely enough Kevin didn’t seem to know during the smodcast which was shown live over the net hat he was selling, and in fact bid on the costume worn by Cardinal Glick, as played by George Carlin. It was a beautiful costume, but proved thru the auction that good pieces commanded good money..everything else…not so much.

It came with alot of rings, pins and a cross. Kevin lost it…and seemed to mourn it.

Azaels beautiful cream suit went for just $350, and the golden mooby went for a massive $1500!

Part 2 later today!


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