Wellers UK two day sale of props, costumes and sporting items, art and collectibles LIVE BLOG

Well its 4:00am Midwest Chicago time….10am in England and the sale has begun.

Some of you may not even be aware this event happened until you read this…so far pretty interesting stuff.

The first item is a Eurocopter helmet from “Goldeneye”….lot 1000 and sells for 800 pounds

The next item is the Romanov star used in Octopussy which I didnt have time to check sadly. The provenance is excellent though. This sold for 550 pounds.

Most of the cheap Bond items sold in the 100 pounds area. Various items including hats, Bond letters, MI5 items and small props…nothing really of any interest. Unfortunately the outfit worn by the airport security driver in “Casino Royale” sold as my computer froze…so not sure what that went for.

This very nice Zukovsky casino chip from “World is not enough” went for 245 pounds.

Charlie Hawtreys “Carry on Constable” jacket went for 400 pounds. Then a couple of Chicken run heads showed up!

…and this rather fetching Colin Farrell helmet from “Alexander” sold for 1100 pounds.

A hammer attributed to Grandpa Potts from “Chitty chitty bang bang” sold for $150, and a slew of weapons from “King Arthur” and “Troy”…some hero and some stunt but non really very interesting….most selling for the usual one hundred here….200 there.

Tim Burtons chairback from “Charlie and the chocolate factory” sold for 200 pounds….and a couple of “Superman” newspapers hit the one hundred pound mark. Then this came up: “An RAF Pilots sheepskin jacket from late World War 2 use used on the film The Battle of Britain worn by actor Anthony Hennessey one of the pilots in a faux Spitfire. Complete with picture provenance. Hennessey was used in the background as one of the RAF Pilots and towed in a mocked up Spitfire on camera. This item has been on display at the London Film Museum” That was a nice piece and sold for one thousand five hundred…but still very much under estimate.

A voltmeter from “The Bride” topped out at 150 pounds, and then the audrey 2 collection from “Little Shop of Horrors” came up. This sold for 450 pounds! I couldn’t find them in the film so I think they may have been extras/backups.

Unfortunately I missed this 1984 INGSOC badge from the brilliant version of this classic book. Sold for a measly 40 pounds and is the only one of its kind I have ever seen.

The superman crystal sold for 3,000 pounds. Here is the description:

Superman the Movie 1978, A piece of green acrylic multifaceted used on the film Superman as a piece of Kryptonite. Provenance: The vendor`s father was one of the producers and also worked for Derek Meddings, this piece of Kryptonite was given to the vendor from the set of the film when Krypton was about to disintegrate. This item has been on display at the London Film Museum

A collection of Benny Hill items I bid on went cheap at around 70.00 I should have bid higher for two authentic lifecasts, a musical recorder and “injured” fake thumb. Oh well….

But what of the two items I REALLY wanted. Well we will have full reports and screenshots from the tv of those items over the weekend…PLUS a report on the Kevin Smith auction!


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