Well interestingly enough we only need to use the past to perhaps foretell the future….Profiles in History May 2009 holds some of the answers when Kevin Smith sold some of his pieces through there auction. Here is a quick look at some of the items and prices.

These are Jay and Bobs screenused masks and tranquiliser gun case as used in this scene. They sold for $275.00

The suit worn by Alan Rickman as Metatron without a hoody sold for $400.


















This was a beautiful piece, and worn by a great actor in a superb performance.

Next up a complete set of Mooby drive thru items went for $250.

Some nice examples there.

A Jason Lee “Dogma” costume without hat went for $250. Several of the costumes that are missing from the auction turned up here, of course. Here is a $275 Ali Larter piece with screenshot.

Next Eliza Dushku from “Strikes back”.

Fairly boring for $350.

Here is a Jason Mewes jacket, missing from the Propworx auction since it seems both where sold here.


















A shame because Im sure people would be looking for this. The lot also included

a Linda Fiorentino bloody shirt from the end and sold for $275. The other similar jacket with shirt went for $400.

Here is another Ali Larter for $275…a nice combo. The final costume was the best….Mark Hamill as Cocknocker! Sold for $900!

So how will the auction do….be interesting to find out!






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