Hollywood Auction Extravaganza DAY 2 April 3rd 2011 REVIEW

Well a day late with my day 2 wrap up. I just wasn’t that motivated to be honest. From an outsiders perspective most of the items seemed to have the same 4-5 online bidders winning everything. It was interesting, but would have been far more interesting if the camera at Premiereprops focused on the audience and phone bids…since we could see neither all day.

The event lasted about half as long as the day before as so many items were passed over, most of the film posters/photos seemingly going for opening bid, or not at all.

Predictably the “Easy A”, “Beastly”, “Leap year”, “Whip it” and “Remember me” stuff et al went for $50-400 mostly remaining on the low end. A few stand outs were an Alice “Resident Evil 4” piece for $450, various Brooke Shields costumes going for $350 from “Furry Vengeance”, truly one of the worst movies to grace screens last year……inexplicably selling mostly to onsite bidders, meaning either phone bids, or in the room.

The rather nice Bruce Willis costume from “Red” went for $500, this rather nice and complete Mary Kate Olsen ensemble from “Beastly” went for $500….

The “Adjustment Bureau” stuff went reasonable in the $600-800 range. A complete Matt Damon costume for $500 is not to be sniffed at.

Then the items from “Source Code” came up. Pretty much everything was vacuumed up by one collector. The Michelle Monaghan piece from the train went for $1100, a Colter jumpsuit from the pod went for $550…but the complete outfit with boots, shirts and over the shoulder gear went for $1100. The hero bomb without cell phones inside went for a massive $5200.

The next lot of 150 or so posters and photos mostly didn’t sell. Premiereprops needs to seriously thing about eliminating these for future auctions. Nuff said.

The a breath of fresh air as a signed U2 guitar from Chris Kattan who put several wardrobe items in the auction sold for $3,000 and yet even this was obtained thru a collector shop, and not in person.

By the time people got too the end of the sale I’m sure not many people were into it. The prices reflected this. Three items from the new movie “Cat Run” were added. I kinda liked these. Here are some of the items and a pic from the movie.

All in all apart from some notable pieces, a bit of a dud!

There is no doubt with Propworx this weekend, another Scream/Premiere event and a summer of auctions we need a better job than this.

Far too many items passed, too higher reserves, too much time spent low on an item…only for it not to sell. Try harder next time boys….MUCH harder.


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